Are you looking for the BEST advice on your finances, such as mortgage loans, investments, etc.?
Problem: Did you know big bank financial advisors are required to direct their clients to in-house mortgage loan officers and investment options?
I’ve networked and talked to financial advisors from the big banks: Chase, Citi, Merrill Lynch (Wells Fargo), Bank of America, etc. They have all either told or shown me over the last 14 years that they will never refer a borrower client to another lender or financial investment for better options, because they could be fired. Their calls and emails are recorded and tracked for evidence of diverting from their internal requirements.
So, where do you go for unbiased, accurate advisory services? Do you really believe Google, Facebook, etc., is a good source for info? Not a chance, they’re all about selling you something for their benefit, not yours.
Solution: Independent advisors, such as Stifel, Edward Jones, Pacific Advisors, Capstone Partners, Auric Capital Partners, etc. So many of these advisors originally worked at big banks, only to see the light and realize they were only allowed to sell in-house services. That is why they left their comfortable offices and moved to create their own firms or work for independent advisory companies, so they could offer ALL the best options for their clients. Go ahead; ask them, they will tell you the inside scoop.
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