About US

Dan the Man for Mortgages is a residential mortgage & commercial loan service. By shopping up to 600 lenders of all types, Dan is able to find the best loan programs at the lowest rates and fees, including over 284 financial assistance programs. Dan Stone, who has been in mortgage lending since 1987, helping borrowers save time and a lot of money on their mortgages. Fees vary for services, $500 minimum fee for 2nd loans. Or, $400 upfront, plus .20% X loan amount. We provide access to the most competitive and highest quality mortgage lenders in the industry. With our 600+ connections, knowledge, and willingness to help borrowers of any level of sophistication, our company saves our clients’ time and money, and takes the stress out of the process.

01. Save Time

We shop lenders, compare rates, and obtain lower fees for you.

02. Save Money

Our customers’ average savings is $10,000+.

03. Enjoy Peace Of Mind

Unlike a broker, our company receives NO compensation from lenders or affiliates.

03. Trust An Advocate

We work solely on YOUR behalf throughout the process.

About Dan Stone

Dan the Man for Mortgages is a residential mortgage loan service owned by Dan Stone, who has been in mortgage lending since 1987.

  • In 2009 he wanted to help borrowers find the absolute best mortgage loan options & rates
  • He founded Mortgage Fee Coach, now DBA Dan the Man for Mortgages
  • Researched over 500 lenders of ALL TYPES to find the highest quality programs & lowest rates
  • Continues to research new lenders and loan programs
  • Helps borrowers verify the best deals available & avoid bad loans
  • Saving borrowers a lot of time
  • When borrowers decide to move forward with best loan options, charges are a one-time fee of $300, plus .10% X loan amount per loan for 1st trust deeds and $500 flat fee for 2nd trust deed loans
  • Introduces borrowers to highest quality Loan Officers & lenders
  • By connecting to ALL TYPES of lenders, has the most accurate industry information
  • Connects to borrowers & lenders weekly to verify loan moving forward
  • Always looks out for borrower/clients best interests
  • Helps reduce stress from loan process by coaching client to great success


  • Born and raised in Orange County, CA
  • Lives in Irvine, CA since 2000
  • Member& volunteer @ Roosters Foundation charity since 2013 & Feeding OC Chairman
  • Gives to charities, such as Roosters Foundation, Saddleback Church, Second Harvest, Orange County Rescue Mission, Free Wheelchair Mission and many more


Dan Stone

Owner, Founder


Client Satisfaction

Dan the Man for Mortgages

Mission Statement


We strive to help clients reduce their home mortgage loan expense. We do this by:


  • Finding the lowest rates and fees possible within the industry
  • Obtaining better loan terms for clients
  • Providing information and education about the loan process
  • Being sensitive to and respectful of clients’ situations
  • Being known for honesty, integrity and reliability
  • Helping clients enjoy peace of mind knowing someone is looking out for their best interest
  • Glorifying God in all we do