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“I had a great experience! I was already working with another mortgage company when I was introduced to Dan. He was quickly able to beat the deal I was already prepared to sign with. Saved me .75% plus cash towards my closing costs. Was with me every step of the way, I never felt lost or left in the dark. Amazing experience for buying my first home. Highly recommended!” -Thomas K.

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Adrian’s Refi

Adrian refinanced and is saving several hundred dollars every month. It only took 60 days to earn back what he paid Dan for his fee and is now just saving.

Ed’s Refi

By using the Mortgage Fee Coach to find a lender, Ed is saving $300 per month in his payment or $108,000 over the next 30 years.

Kristi and Brandon Saved over $12,000 in fees

Kristi and Brandon saved over $12,000 in upfront fees and rebates by working with me versus finding the lender on their own.

Dan the Man educates Frank so he has confidence in his home loan

Dan the Man educated Frank about what loans were available for his needs, and guided him step-by-step through the loan process. 

Chris G.


Lucille W.


What Our Clients Say

Building Relationships

“Thanks for your help in securing a refinance loan for our house. We are even more thankful for your love and friendship. That we will always cherish.”


Your Help Was a Huge Blessing

“Your help with securing the best mortgage rate and company for our needs was a huge blessing. I continue to pass on your contact info to anyone you can help.”


Lender Problem Solved by the Dan the Man

“After I first met Dan, I was truly skeptical. So I started looking around for a refi-loan with my Texas property, which made it even more difficult with their regulations. Only the major banks were quoting and at a much higher rate. Thank you Dan for finding the right lender that would offer the cash-out refinance within 6 months of the purchase, plus offer a rate .50% lower than lenders I was considering, Wells Fargo and Chase. Dan was able to save me a lot of time searching for the right lender and $74 per month, $4,417 over 5 years and $26,503 over the life of the loan. Dan’s follow-up throughout the loan process was exceptional. He answered tough questions from my lender, reviewed CD disclosures and after lots of paperwork, voila my loan funded yesterday!

Thank you, Dan, for all that you helped with. You made it much easier for me.”


Dramatic Savings on Loan Fees

“My family needed money fast to pay off a bank business loan. One lender wanted to charge over $45,000 in fees, and the loan interest rate seemed way too high. We knew Dan Stone through our church. Dan took the time to learn about our situation that included multiple loans and several family members. Through Dan’s contacts, experience, and knowledge he was able to find us a better, more helpful lender with dramatically improved terms. In fact, we saved over $40,000 in fees and closed by the deadline! Our family appreciated Dan’s efforts and his professionalism.”

Bruce L.

Saving Clients Money

“I’ve known Dan for over 20 years. I worked with him at MGM Mortgage, where he served as Vice President of Secondary Marketing, and have remained his friend ever since our association there. I can personally attest to his high moral character and ethical standards.

I hired Dan to find the best lender. His service doesn’t actually end up costing his clients, as it saves them much more than his very reasonable fee.

Thanks again for the valuable help that led me to arrange a successful cash out refinance of this particular investment property…not the easiest thing to do! Please continue to keep in touch!”

David M.

One-of-a-Kind Mortgage Assistance

“I was looking to refinance my home and being that I had never done it before a friend recommended me to Mortgage Coach Dan Stone. Dan was wonderful throughout the whole process. He explained the different kind of loans and what would work best for me. Within a day he connected me to a lender. When my first lender fell through, he found me a new lender within 24 hours. He kept up on the progress of the loan and made sure to call the lender and myself at least once a week to make sure everything was on track. He always made himself available to me if I had any questions. The second lender ran smoothly and it all closed within a month.”

Christy D.

The Process Was So Easy

“Dan was very knowledgeable and made the process of finding a lender to refinance our mortgage so easy and seamless for us. He did all the legwork and presented us with three very good options. We selected the one that best fit our needs, and the lender was great to work with. Dan was there the whole way making sure everything was going smoothly. I would highly recommend Dan’s unique service to anyone purchasing or refinancing a home mortgage.”

Deidra M.