My clients are saving the most amount of money by getting a 5/1 ARM mortgage loan these days versus a 30- year fixed rate at 7.526% per Google.
Loan program details:
  • 20%+ down payment, 740 FICO to $1 million loan amount
  • 5/1 ARM @ 5.375%, no points, 5.427% APR
  • SFD, condo or townhome
  • W2 employee
Based on $750k loan amount, 740+ FICO, to compare the payments:
  • 5.375% rate = $4,200 principal & interest payment
  • 7.526% rate = $5,257 principal & interest payment
  • Savings = $1,057 per month for life of loan
  • Savings for 12 months = $12,684
When you want the BEST loan program at the lowest rate and fees, call Dan the Man for Mortgages at 714-310-4162.
Rave review on Google:
“I can’t say enough about Dan Stone. I knew him for several years before actually using him. Then after doing a lot of shopping on our own and just about ready to sign loan documents I remembered Dan and thought I should give him a call. Dan was amazing. Not only was he able to beat our best prior offer but the difference was significant. More than enough to buy my wife a new BMW Hybrid SUV. I must also mention that Dan gives back to our community. There are literally thousands of children that are fed because of the many hours Dan donates to the Roosters Foundation.” -Marty B.