Are you wondering if mortgage interest rates are going to come down?
We’d all like to know, right?
I believe it is highly likely. I have an ARM loan for 7 years.
Per US News, 3/1/24 “Mortgage rates are expected to decline later this year as the U.S. economy weakens, inflation slows and the Federal Reserve cuts interest rates. The 30-year fixed mortgage rate is expected to fall to the low-6% range through the end of 2024, dipping into high-5% territory by early 2025.”  Read the full story: US News Mortgage Rate Forecast
Or, maybe you want to check Forbes: “Mortgage Rates Forecast For 2024: Experts Predict How Much Rates Will Drop” Read the full story and many more forecasts: Forbes Mortgage Interest Rates Forecast
So, what do you do about it when purchasing a home?
Solution: get an ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage) for the next 1-3 years, then refinance to a lower rate and longer-term loan.
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