Do you want to save some money with a lower down payment to purchase a home and use a lender’s money for improving the property?
Most lenders will not give you money for home improvements with your purchase loan and at these great rates and terms.
Solution – great 1st and 2nd loan program details:
  • 3% down payment first loan
  • $50k or 10% of the home value second loan
  • 2% Down Payment Assistance third loan @ 0.00% interest and $0 payment
  • Improvements: energy efficient windows, repairs, solar, etc.
  • Owner occupied: SFD, condo, PUD, modular or manufactured
  • Gifts or up to 3% down of purchase price
  • 105% LTV maximum total financing
Example: $700k purchase price, 3% down, $679k loan, 620 FICO, 1 unit, owner occupied, 30-year fixed rate at 7.125%, 7.287% APR, .500% points, 2nd loan 3%, 3.087% APR as of 2/17/24.
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