Do you want a competitive rate and NOT refinance your first mortgage loan?
Solution: One lender is offering unlimited cash-out on a HELOC:
  • 60% CLTV, no maximum loan amount
  • 43% DTI maximum
  • Closing costs
  • Or 70% CLTV for $2 million home value
Example: $3 million home, $1 million 1st loan, $800k HELOC, 780+ FICO, SFD, Owner-occupied, CA = Prime rate (8.50%) + margin (1.24%) = 9.74%, $2,000-2,500 closing costs, auto-pay from bank account.
Bonus: $100k maximum HELOC loan, no income, owner-occupied & investment, 680 minimum FICO, call for rate.
Rave realtor review:
“Dan Stone has been my go-to for selectively tailoring my clients with a lender best suited. Just as no one house serves all buyers, no one lender can fill those shoes. That’s where Dan comes in. Present the scenario / rely on Dan to pick the appropriate solution.” -Richard A., Realtor
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