Today, people have so many options of news sources, financial info from advisors, accountants, family, friends, future expectations of the direction of interest rates, values, etc. We all have very different needs.
For a mortgage loan, there are so many options: fixed or adjustable rate, W-2 earners, self-employed, no income due to job lay-offs, etc. So, why should you go to one lender with limited options? Seriously!! One lender can’t BEST serve all options and needs.
Solution: Check with Dan the Man for Mortgages for any loan need.
  • Free rate quotes to compare to your lender
  • Free analysis of your loan options from 100s of lenders of ALL types
  • Accurate info about the mortgage industry (can you really trust internet sources?)
  • So many more options available than you realized
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
I started this mortgage service to serve you. IT IS ALL ABOUT YOUR NEEDS, truly.
Call, text or email anytime, 714-310-4162.
Rave client review:
“I wanted a lower rate than I was quoted by my lender. After reviewing rates and fees with Dan, I was able to obtain a lower better rate and better deal, saving in points as well as the interest rate on the loan, and the monthly payment was obviously lower.” -Hunter S.