Are you satisfied with your mortgage loan options? Most borrowers connect to one or two Loan Officers and lenders. Don’t limit your options.
Solution: Looking through 800+ lenders of all types to find the best options.
Below are our top four recent successes:
  • 15% down, $2.5 million purchase price, $2.125 million loan, 6.875% rate, 7.276% APR, .125% lender credit, no PMI, 790 FICO
  • 6% 5/1 ARM, 6.246% APR, cash-out refi $150k loan, 740 FICO, townhome
  • 7% rate, 7/1 ARM, 7.187% APR, .50% fee, 5% down, purchase, condo, 780 FICO, $147/mo. PMI
  • 6.375% rate, 7/1 ARM, 6.512% APR, no points, 20% down, purchase, SFD 760 FICO versus builder’s lender at 7.625%, 30-year fixed rate with 25% down on $1.06 million price home, saving $698/month for borrowers
Rave review on Google:
“I highly recommend Dan Stone to find you the best rate mortgage loan. Dan researched the best loan for me and followed through to make sure the process went smoothly. I would definitely use him again.” -John M.
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