Are you wondering if NOW is a good time to purchase a home, when mortgage rates are so high and there’s limited inventory?
Yes, it is, because less people are willing to purchase a home at these rates. But you can refi when rates are lower in the next 1-4 years. Consider this, when rates potentially decrease next year, a lot more buyers will be looking to purchase a home because they could afford a nicer home. But, because home inventory will continue to be limited for years, it will be an increased bidding war for homes and HIGHER home prices.
Are mortgage interest rates moving slightly higher? Yes, I believe so, based on our inflation numbers, national debt and government’s excessive spending habits.
Can you get a reasonable rate loan? Yes, best loan and rate last week was 6.25%, no points for a 30- year fixed rate with 20% down, 740+ FICO, 6.294% APR.
Once long term rates decrease in 1-5 years, refinance to a lower rate and longer term loan program.
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“I owe Dan Stone all the thanks in the world. He got me the absolute lowest interest rate, better than anyone else out there–no one even came close to what he was able to offer. His magic allowed me to purchase the home of my dreams; I didn’t think it would be possible, but he pulled it off and made it easy. If I ever need another mortgage–without a doubt I am going to Dan, a true honest professional. Thank you Dan, look forward to working with you again!” -Rachel L.