Are you looking to purchase an investment property in any state and looking for the BEST possible mortgage loan?
So many lenders do not like investment property loans, so the rates and costs are very high. The Federal agencies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac don’t like these loans either.
Solution: One great lender is buying these loans for their own portfolio and offering crazy low rates versus the competition. So, get it now, before the lender realizes they should be charging more money.
Loan example: $515k purchase price, 760 FICO, 20% down payment, single-family home
  • Option 1: 5/1 ARM @ 5.625%, 5.712% APR, no points, no PMI, $950 lender fees
  • Option 2: 30 year fixed @ 6%, 6.071% APR, no points, no PMI, $950 lender fees
When you want to save the most amount of money on a mortgage loan, call me at 714-310-4162.
Next week: Some lenders not charging the new LLPA fees on their portfolio loan programs.
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