Here are two very interesting April funding success stories of how to save a ton of money versus the borrower’s original lenders:
#1 Home purchase from builder in Texas, $1.19 million, no PMI, no points for borrowers C & J
  • Builder’s lender offered 15% down, no PMI at 6.20%, 90-day rate lock
  • My lender offered 10% down, no PMI at 5.125%, 180-day rate lock on 10/1 ARM
  • Saving $700 per month
#2 $900k refinance cash-out funded 4/5 for borrowers D & J after June 2022 home purchase with cash
  • Online and mortgage company at 7.25% 30-year fixed, 70% LTV, $900k loan, no points
  • My lender offered 10/1 ARM at 5.125%, no points
  • Saving $1,259 per month
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