Are you wondering if Now is a good time to purchase a home?
Almost every borrower has asked me that question. My answer is that it does depend on each person’s wants, needs and financial ability to pay. I continue to believe that owning real estate in the USA is very beneficial and an important part of a financial plan to build wealth and retire comfortably.
Are mortgage interest rates moving higher? Yes, I believe so, based on our inflation numbers, national debt and government’s excessive spending habits.
Are most home prices moving lower? Yes, I believe home prices in most areas are moving slightly lower, as we go into a recession. But the most highly sought after homes will not decrease in price because there are many buyers looking for that perfect home and they will pay whatever it takes to buy it.
Can you get a reasonable rate loan? Yes, for as little as 10% down and NO PMI, rates start at 5%, no points for a 5/1 ARM. Once long term rates decrease in 1-5 years, refinance to a lower rate and longer term loan program.
When you want the best loan programs and rates, call me at 714-310-4162. I’ve researched 700+ lenders to find the best for you, to save you a ton of money.
Rave client review:
“I was looking to refinance my home and being that I had never done it before a friend recommended me to Dan Stone. Dan was wonderful throughout the whole process. He explained the different kinds of loans and what would work best for me. Within a day he connected me to a lender. When my first lender fell through, he found me a new lender within 24 hours. He kept up on the progress of the loan and made sure to call the lender and myself at least once a week to make sure everything was on track. He always made himself available to me if I had any questions. The second lender ran smoothly and it all closed within a month.” -Christy D.