Are you looking to purchase a home? Do you want the BEST mortgage loan for your money?
Problem: So many lenders do not have good ARM rates and push borrowers into the usual 30-year fixed rate at 6.25% or higher, costing you too much money during the next 5 years until long-term rates drop.
Solution: Shorter term, lower rate ARM loan programs. For example, Chris and his wife are looking to purchase their first home, with 10-15% down payment, $600k purchase price, 740+ FICO, condo/townhome/SFD. The best lender is offering:
  • 5.00% rate, 5.124% APR
  • 5/1 ARM, rate and payment fixed for 5 years, then adjusts yearly thereafter
  • 10% down minimum for no PMI
  • No points, $950 lender fee, processing & underwriting
When you want the BEST loan program and rate options, call me, 714-310-4162. I’ve researched 700+ lenders of all types to find the best for your specific needs.
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