No down payment? YES, you can still get a mortgage loan to purchase a home!
Now a lender is offering a loan program for ANYONE that qualifies for the loan payment, even without a down payment.
Zero down loan program for everyone:
  • $726,200 maximum loan amount, local county conventional loan limits
  • No restrictions on income or employment
  • 720 FICO minimum, 41% DTI maximum
  • 5/6, 7/6, 10/6 ARM programs, 30-year amortization & term
  • Rates in low 6’s (2/23/23)
After researching 700+ lenders of all types, Dan the Man for Mortgages offers the BEST solutions. Call for more details 714-310-4162.
Recent review on Google:
“Dan Stone was quick, available throughout the process and obtained a competitive loan that impressed even our broker. His wisdom and service-focused manner were a distinct advantage for us in obtaining financing for our home.” -Ralph M.