Do you know a recently licensed doctor looking to purchase a home and doesn’t have much cash in reserves?
I recently received a referral from another Loan Officer for a borrower in Massachusetts looking to purchase a home. That lender required 36 months reserves. Wow!
Loan scenario: $3 million purchase price, $600k or 20% down payment, $2.4 million loan, 780 credit score.
Solution options on 1/4:
  • 5.50% 30 year fixed rate, 5.554% APR, 2 months reserves, no lender fees
  • 5.125% 5/1 ARM rate, 5.174% APR, 4 months reserves
  • 5.375% 30 year fixed rate, 5.349% APR, .375 rebate, 24 months reserves
When you want multiple loan options to fit your specific needs, call Dan the Man for Mortgages, 714-310-4162.
Rave review on Google:
“Dan Stone was amazing! His service was the best and his follow up was impeccable. I would 100% recommend him to anyone looking to buy a home or even looking to refinance a home. Dan the Man is money!” -El P.