Are you looking for cash out of your home? I have many great options, including a HELOC at 6.09% rate and 6.12% APR. But, what if you are self-employed and don’t qualify for a traditional Home Equity Line of Credit because you write off a large amount of expenses on your taxes?
Solution: 2nd loan based on bank statement cash flow or home equity. I received several requests this past week on this loan type. Info on two loan programs:
  • Fixed rate 2nd loan
  • $100k minimum to $2 million maximum loan amount
  • 65% – 90% CLTV options
Of course, there are more details, call Dan the Man at 714-310-4162.
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Rave review from a happy client:
“Dan Stone uses great connections to save clients a ton of money. He was able to save me $100,000 on a transaction. He is a pleasure to work with and is an expert in lending and financial services. He refers borrowers to great real estate agents, insurance providers, and financial advisors. I highly recommend Dan Stone.” -Linda C.