Yes, mortgage rates are expected to go higher in the near term, but should decline in 1 to 5 years as the Federal Reserve combats inflation. So, how do you save the most amount of money on your mortgage loan?
Solution: 10/1 ARMs at a much lower rate. Below are a few options:
Loan scenario: Purchase, 20% down payment, 700+ FICO, single family. Restrictions apply. Loan details:
  • 10/1 ARM @ 5.00% rate, no points, 5.124% APR in AZ & TX, $100k-$50 million
  • 10/1 ARM @ 5.375% rate, no points, 5.462% APR in CA, $100k-$50 million
  • If 10% down, add .25% to rate
  • If investment property add .50% to rate
  • If interest only add .25% to rate
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