Since mortgage rates are so high now and expected to rise more, you could save a ton of money by asking the seller if they have an FHA or VA mortgage loan at a low fixed rate that you could assume.
If the seller has 3% rate loan versus minimum 6%+ today n $600k loan amount, you would save $1,068 per month for the life of the loan. Over 5 years, that is $64,000.
Best success story last week: Steve and Judy purchasing an investment home for $800k, 20% down payment, 780+ credit score in Los Angeles County receiving 5.625% rate, 6.193% APR on 7/1 ARM, amortized over 30 years. The 7/1 ARM is a much better option than the 30-year fixed rate at 7.50% and 2.50% in points.
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“Dan Stone has been the single most valuable resource in finding the best loans for me. He has helped me with 5 loans over the last few years and it has given me the competitive edge.” -Kal K.
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