Are you looking to secure purchasing a home before selling your current home?
Problem: Most lenders will calculate your debt-to-income ratio by including both current mortgage payment and new mortgage payment, so there is no way to purchase before selling your current home.
Solution: Process by Dan the Man and working with one specific lender:
  • HELOC loan on current residence, enough for down payment
  • 85% LTV maximum on new purchase loan
  • $647,201 minimum loan amount, $2 million maximum
  • Lender ignores debt on departure property if property listed on MLS
  • 5% at .25% points 10/1 ARM rate, 5.077% APR, 5.375% 30 yr, 5.374% APR
Recent rave review:
“Dan Stone has been my go-to for selectively tailoring my clients with a lender best suited. Just as no one house serves all buyers, no one lender can fill those shoes. That’s where Dan comes in. Present the scenario / rely on Dan pick the appropriate solution.” -Rich A., Realtor
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