My belief is we are heading into a recession. Are you considering purchasing a home? How do you still get the best mortgage loan for your needs?
Solution: I also believe rates will rise more in the short-term, but will drop to lower levels in next 2-3 years. Here are some of the best rate options depending on your loan term, no points (restrictions apply):
  • 30-year fixed rate jumbo loan @ 5.75%, 5.775% APR
  • 5/1 ARM jumbo loan @ 4.625%, 5.716% APR
  • 7/1 ARM jumbo loan @ 4.75%, 5.517% APR
  • 5/1 ARM conforming loan @ 4.50%, 5.694% APR
Best success story last week:
Olivia is moving to Seattle, WA, to work for a big corporation. They offer discounted mortgage loans through three lenders, Wells Fargo Bank and two others. Olivia is buying a single family home, $890k purchase price, 10% down, 800 credit score, W-2 employee and planning to keep it for 5 years or less. Wells Fargo offered 30-year rate at 6.625% today and 5/6 ARM loan at 6.125%, both no points. I found her a lender with a 5/6 ARM at 4.625% and giving her $2,000 towards closing costs. She will save $835/month in her payment or $55,000 over 5 years using my suggested lender.
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