In my 60 years on this earth, I’ve talked to 100s of people to learn their path to financial success. These are five of the best advice:
  • Start saving money in an account every month by learning how to live within your budget.
  • Find the best financial advisor that has proven success in all types of markets.
  • Invest in real estate, by purchasing a home to live and investment properties.
  • Buy the least expensive car by either paying cash or the smallest loan and payment.
  • Find an expert CPA to prepare your taxes and provide suggestions to save money.
I began by working a paper route at 13 years old, saving most of it to eventually buy a low cost car with cash. Every day I’ve worked hard and focused on ways to save money. I’ve talked to 80+ financial advisors to finally find the most knowledgeable, successful and secure investments, allowing my money to work for me. Investing in real estate, both primary home and investment homes, has provided exceptional returns for many friends and clients. While earning great returns, working with an expert CPA to reduce taxes within the regulatory requirements has helped save a lot of money.
When you want an introduction to expert financial advisors, CPAs and realtors, call me at 714-310-4162.
Recent rave review:
“Dan Stone helped a client of mine who I thought should buy, but they were more likely to rent because of the interest rate given by the lender they were working with. Once Dan connected them with a lender on a much better rate, it assured my clients that buying was the correct option. I’m thankful and I know my clients are as well.” -Jason R., Realtor