Do you want to save money on your air-conditioning bill?
Solution: Quiet Cool whole house fans
It was one of the best investments in my home, saving me tons of money every month on my electricity bill. When I get home from work to enter a hot home, it took 4 hours to use the air-conditioner to cool my home. After installing three whole house fans, it only required 1 hour.
Why: The whole house fan removed all the hot air from inside the home and attic in minutes. Then, close the windows and turn on the air-conditioner. Boom, cooler house in minutes.
Quiet Cool fans:
Starting at $469 at Home Depot to install yourself
Quiet Cool Fans in Orange County to purchase and install:
Brad Friesen, Co-Founder, EarthChoice Whole House Fan Co.
Business Cell (949) 315-8014
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