Are you considering selling your home and want the most profit?
Problem: You probably want to spend money to paint, replace carpet, and maybe spend a lot more on many improvements that could bring a great big increase in sales price. Should you work with a local highly experienced realtor or an online service such as Revive?
Solution Options:
A. David Feldberg, Orange County realtor, helped Eddie consider the local market, decide on the most beneficial improvements, such as paint, carpet and cosmetic fixtures.
a. Cost: $15,000
b. Benefit: $105,000 over list price of $675,000
B. Revive, an online advertised company, suggested a bigger remodel, which may or may not be the most beneficial.
a. Cost: $35-40,000
b. Benefit: Revive provides the money to pay their contractors and deducts the costs at closing. You net the difference.
c. Potential issue: Revive prices for goods and services may be more expensive.
You decide: should you work with an expert local agent or Revive? When you want recommendations to the best realtors in your area, call Dan the Man for Mortgages at 714-310-4162.
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