Do you want the BEST rate on your conforming 30-year fixed mortgage today, purchase or refinance?
Problem: Many news agencies post the week’s average 30-year fixed rate mortgage today at 5.27%. If that is the average, think of how high rates are for some borrowers!!! So, do you want the best, the average or the worst? Rhetorical question.
Solution: 4.25% is the BEST today. Loan details: 30-year fixed rate, 4.302% APR, .125%-point rebate towards closing costs loan:
  • 20% down payment
  • $647,200 or less loan amount
  • $809,000 purchase price
  • 740 FICO, single family home
  • Condo – 4.25%, .25% point cost, 4.334% APR
Get the BEST lender for your loan through Dan the Man for Mortgages, call 714-310-4162.
Recent rave review when I helped borrower Heather close her purchase loan in 14 days:
“Glad you were able to find a lender to help my friend’s niece. Super job, congratulations on short closing!” -L.L., Realtor