Looking to close a home loan and purchase in 14 days or lose your big money deposit?
Problem: Too many lenders over-promise and under-deliver. Maybe the online Loan Officer didn’t know the loan program details, or didn’t realize you were self-employed or many other potential mistakes on your loan.
Solution: Dan the Man closed a conventional conforming loan for Heather on her home purchase in Oregon in 14 days, from application to funding. Some of the hurdles we overcame:
  • Currently living in Netherlands, buying in Oregon
  • Communication in opposite time zones
  • Signing loan documents in a foreign country
  • Completing an loan appraisal in 7 days
Because we work with 100s of Loan Officers and lenders, we have the BEST solutions for all types of loan scenarios. We research over 500 lenders for the BEST of the BEST loan programs, rates and fees. Call Dan the Man for Mortgages at 714-310-4162.
What our clients are saying:
“I’ve known Dan Stone for over 20 years. I worked with him at MGM Mortgage, where he served as Vice President of Secondary Marketing, and have remained his friend ever since our association there. I can personally attest to his high moral character and ethical standards. I hired Dan to find the best lender. His service doesn’t actually end up costing his clients, as it saves them much more than his very reasonable fee. Thanks again, Dan, for the valuable help that led me to arrange a successful cash out refinance of this particular investment property…not the easiest thing to do!”
-David M.