Yesterday was my 60th birthday, and feel I’ve learned 5 good tips to share to improve your life going forward.
  • Love God or your higher power and love your neighbor
  • There is always more to the story about a person, best not to judge the surface story
  • Invest in housing or real estate, the long-term benefits are exceptional
  • Diversify, just when you believe the market will move a specific direction, it will surprise you
  • Give to those less fortunate, you will realize the rewards in the short and long-term
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What our happy clients are saying:
“After I first met Dan Stone I was truly skeptical. So I started looking around for a refi-loan with my Texas property, which made it even more difficult with their regulations. Only the major banks were quoting and at a much higher rate. Thank you Dan for finding the right lender that would offer the cash-out refinance within 6 months of the purchase, plus offer a rate .50% lower than lenders I was considering. Dan was able to save me a lot of time searching for the right lender and $74 per month, and $26,503 over the life of the loan. Dan’s follow-up throughout the loan process was exceptional. He answered tough questions from my lender, reviewed CD disclosures and lots of paperwork. Thank you, Dan, for all that you helped with! You made it much easier for me.” -Jeff C.