Most lenders do not offer these loan options and at great rates.
Solution: HELOC, up to 95% CLTV (Combined Loan to Value):
  • 95% CLTV, 680 FICO min, $500k max loan
  • 90% CLTV, 660 FICO min, $200k max loan
  • 70% CLTV, 740 FICO min, $700k max loan
Borrower Scott is receiving $700k HELOC on his primary property in order to purchase another primary home and keep his current home as a rental. Rate is prime at 3.50%, 3.50% APR, zero margin when direct payment withdrawal from account.
Bonus: investment home HELOCs are also available up to 80% CLTV, 660 minimum FICO, to $400k.
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