Are you self-employed and considering a house or refinancing a mortgage loan?
Do you want to get approved for the maximum loan amount?
  • Apply for a mortgage loan months or years in advance. With the right highly qualified Loan Officer and right lender, they will provide feedback on your income documentation and tax write-offs so that you can qualify for the maximum desired loan amount.
  • Complete a draft of your 2021 IRS and state taxes, but don’t file your taxes until the Loan Officer has a chance to review.
  • If you do not qualify with your documented income, there are other loan programs offered by specific lenders in which you may still qualify for the desired loan amount.
Because I have researched over 500 lenders of ALL TYPES and talked to 100’s of Loan Officers, I’m able to find the best solutions available to you. Call 714-310-4162 for more information or to start your loan.
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