Have you heard rates have been rising lately? Did you see the local newspapers post 3.125% as the new average 30-year fixed rate? That may be for them, but not for my clients.
Solution: Justin is receiving this BEST rate versus other lenders because this is a purchase loan and this one lender is valuing purchase loans above refinances.
Justin is receiving 2.625% 30-year fixed rate, 2.712% APR, .125% point cost loan scenario:
  • 15% down payment
  • $1 mil purchase price
  • $850k loan
  • 780 FICO
  • $70/month PMI
His original lender was at 2.99%, so Justin is saving $155/month in his interest or $52,000 over 30 years.
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“Dan Stone was fast and prompt, and found me a rate lock that saved $300 per month over everywhere else I received quotes. Dan puts in the time to give good service and, as I learned, he is a good human as well. He donates a lot of time and money to causes.” -James B.