Have you ever heard the saying, “Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail?” In mortgage lending, I see people fail at receiving a loan to purchase their ideal home too often.
To succeed, follow this plan:
  • Know your mortgage credit score and credit history. Go to MyFICO.com to purchase a credit report for $19.95 per credit bureau and review your credit history for any fraud or mistakes.
  • Months or years prior to planning to purchase a home, ask a mortgage lender to review your financials to create a plan to get the right loan with the right down payment.


  • Borrowers fail because the credit score is too low, didn’t realize they were late on a payment, or inaccurate information was being reported on their credit report. Correcting it may take months to resolve and you may miss your dream home.
  • Borrowers, especially self-employed, don’t realize the amount of income required and how it is documented to be able to qualify for the right loan. Talking with a mortgage expert will explain how to get the best loan options and rates.
Solution: Dan the Man for Mortgages – to review loan programs offered by over 500 lenders of all types.
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