ANYONE you know considering a reverse mortgage? Do you want to help them save a ton of money and work with a great Loan Officer and lender?
Solution: Dan the Man shops reverse mortgage lenders to find the best rates and fees.
A local family was helping their 90+ year old mom find the best loan to help her pay for in-home caregivers totaling $20,000 per month or more because she wanted to live out her days in her wonderful beach house. After extensive research, they settled on a fixed rate reverse mortgage. They asked their financial advisor to get quotes and a friend asked me to also provide a quote. Results:
  • Financial advisor’s lender:
    • 5.75%
  • My best lender:
    • 4.75%
On a $1.6 million loan, they will save 1% in rate or $16,000 per year in interest. Wow, that is GREAT savings!
When you want the BEST and SAVE a ton of money, call Dan the Man for Mortgages, 714-310-4162.
Receent review on Google:
“Dan Stone found the perfect loan company that worked with us. They both worked together and checked in on us every week, were patient with us and walked us through the whole process step by step. They made this whole process easy and manageable. I truly appreciate Dan’s help. We were able to cut our interest rate by half. Now our monthly mortgage payment is less than $650 a month. Thank you, Dan! Highly recommend!” -Karone S.