Did you know there are special discounts in rate available through specific mortgage lenders when you live in designated areas?
Solution: .50% lower rate found by Dan the Man for Mortgages
Example: Jon was looking to refinance his condominium from 3.50% to a lower rate to save money.
Quotes by various lenders with no points:
  • 3.125% rate, 3.278% APR at big bank
  • 3.125% rate, 3.243% ARP at credit union – Jon’s lender
  • 2.875% rate, 3.047% APR at mortgage lender
  • BEST 2.625% rate, 2.712% APR at one unique lender
How did he get 2.625%? Because Dan the Man shopped all types of lenders to find the best deal. Dan beat Jon’s lender by .50%, a credit union at 3.125%. Jon’s address was in a census tract area designated by the US Census Bureau which are designed to give equal credit access to consumers, target underserved neighborhoods, lower-income households, and minority populations. Specific lenders offer lower rates on these loans because they receive special incentives from our government.
Jon will save $127 a month in his payment or $45,720 over 30 years.
When you want the best loan program at the lowest rates and fees, call Dan the Man for Mortgages, 714-310-4162.
A recent rave review:
“Dan Stone helped me get refinanced for my home when no other avenue was working for me. Through the entire process, he was available for any and all questions I had, and my process took nearly three months. When I could not get an answer from my lender, Dan was there to help facilitate and get me the information I needed. As the process finished, he also assisted with additional information for home equity and helped guide me to a better credit. Dan truly was a great asset, and without him I could not have gotten my refinance completed. He was able to help despite my home being in another state. Thank you, so much, Dan the Man for Mortgages!” -Stephen T.