Are you a credit profile expert? Probably not, so these 3 tips will help you maximize your credit scores before applying for a mortgage loan. These tips are counterintuitive, which is why everyone needs to be informed. Send to all that could benefit.
  • Pay-off your car loan(s)
  • Let credit card balances and purchases go above 50% of the credit card limit
  • Close any accounts, even if not using
The reasons you should not do it:
  • By paying off your car, your credit score will decrease because you are removing a positive credit payment history from your credit profile.
  • By allowing your credit card balance and purchases above 50% of the credit card limit, it appears you spend too much and can’t manage your debt. If you need more credit, better to open another credit card account.
  • Closing credit card accounts removes positive credit payment history from your credit profile, thereby decreasing your credit scores.
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