Real estate can be a great investment. I bet you didn’t realize you have A LOT of competition to buy a home. There are five or more types of buyers looking to purchase properties. Really? Yes!
Money Tip: Invest in some form of real estate, because there is limited supply, and less are being purchased to live in as their primary residence. Real estate has always been a very good long-term investment, interest deduction on your taxes, plus a great place to live.
Types of buyers:
  • Owner occupied primary buyer, to live in it, probably you, me, etc.
  • Foreign investors from all countries, to own USA assets, getting $ out of their countries
  • Real estate investor, buying 1 or more properties for long term income and appreciation
  • Fix and flipper – buy it, remodel/upgrade and resell at higher price
  • Institution investors, buying tens of thousands of homes for their portfolio to rent
  • Find a great realtor, recommended by more than one person. Ask me for suggestions
  • Or, consider investing in Arrived, buying shares in individual single-family rental homes for as little as $100
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“The best investment is your time with Dan Stone before buying anything. He is honest and has a lot of experience in loans and real estate.” -Pablo C.