It’s crazy, the worst lender is offering 4.375% on a jumbo loan to a doctor with 10% down payment, 760 credit score with $900,000 loan amount, single family home. That is way too high!!
Solution: Dan the Man finds the best loan program, lowest rate and best lenders.
After researching 500 lenders, we found the absolute BEST rate at 2.875%.
Program details:
  • 2.875% rate, 2.924% APR
  • No points
  • 5% down to $1 million loan, or
  • 10% down to $1.50 million loan
  • No PMI
  • 50% DTI max
The difference in rate from 4.375% (worst) to 2.875% (BEST) = 1.50%. The payment difference is $759.54 per month savings at 2.875%. Which would you want??
Get the best from the beginning with Dan the Man, shopping ALL TYPES of lenders to find the BEST.
Recent review on Google:
“Dan Stone has helped us through a very complex re-fi to get out of a sharing arrangement, and then a cash-out re-fi and finally a HELOC…all within about year. He’s great at following up and being sure each of his clients gets the best pricing. We have saved thousands a year and likely tens (if not hundreds) of thousands in interest over the life of our primary home loan. Thank you Dan! Can’t wait to buy that ski house!” -Rhoda S.
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