Still looking to refinance? Get it done NOW, TODAY, ASAP. Why?
Answer: Because mortgage backed securities trading prices broke through a long-term trend line higher. Graphs have patterns, which lead to better quality forecasting. Last week, mortgage backed security prices reached a low in the last 12 months, signaling rates are going higher.
Solution: It’s not too late to get a competitive rate on all types of loans. For a $500,000 loan amount, 67% LTV, single family, owner occupied with 760 mortgage score, there are great short and long-term loan options:
  • 30 year fixed at 2.875%, .25% rebate, 2.893% APR, $2,350 in closing costs
  • 15 year fixed at 1.99%, no points, 2.094% APR, $3,600 in closing costs
  • 10/1 ARM at 2.375%, no points, 2.475% APR
Call me today for a quote. If you have a quote from another lender, great, I enjoy competing against everyone.
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