Did you know that you may be able to negotiate a better rate on your loan, .125%, .25%, even up to .50% lower rate??
Solution: Dan The Man For Mortgages
Having worked in mortgage lending for 34 years, seeing the internal operations of all types of lenders and discussing loan programs, rates and fees with 100’s of Loan Officers, there are many ways to get a better deal with lenders. The secret is…I’m not going to give you my secret. I will provide the solution when you work with me. As in many negotiations, it is about having the best information and knowing how to use it.
I’m an expert and am constantly learning new and better ways of getting the best deal for my clients. Only certain lenders will consider allowing you to negotiate a lower rate or lower fees on your loan. Plus, the market is constantly changing. Are you consistently discussing your business with mentors, professionals in many business fields and asking many questions? I work hard at this process each and every day to find the best information and negotiating the best deals for my clients.
Last week I negotiated .25% lower rate on $1.3 million 30-year fixed cash-out refi at 2.625%, or 2.644% APR, saving $169/month, or $10,169 over 10 years. The borrower is a realtor and is very happy.
When you want the best deal on a mortgage loan, call Dan The Man For Mortgages at 714-310-4162.
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“This is the second time I used Dan’s service. I ended up with a great interest rate without the hassle of shopping around and all the call backs you typically get from people pushing their loans. This is the best way to get a great deal on mortgage or refi.” -Paul W.