If you inherit your parents’ home in a trust, plan to keep it, need cash-out to settle sibling(s)’ needs, etc., and want to keep the property tax basis the same, 99% of the lenders can’t do your loan correctly. Don’t get screwed on your loan.
Solution: Only 1% of lenders offer the correct loan program and process.
Success: David & Beth inherited $720,000 house value and need $360,000 cash-out to Beth:
  • $1,034 current property taxes
  • $4,487 estimated property taxes when partially reassessed
  • $3,453/year tax savings
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Recent review on Google:
“Several years ago, I started working with Dan Stone to refinance my home. My loan to debt ratio was too high for any lenders to work with me. During the next year, I reduced my debt by paying down my second mortgage. The whole time Dan would reach out to me to find out how I was doing and to keep me updated on rates. Once I paid off the second mortgage Dan was able to find a bank that would work with me and that dropped my mortgage rate 1%, saving me hundreds a month. Now I refinanced again and am saving even more. Thank you, Dan, for all your help!”
-Robert H.