Do you have a BEST EVER success story? Check out mine:
John (name changed) had a $4.5 million loan at 4.75% on a $13.5 million home in Santa Barbara County and had tried to refinance with other lenders, but the loan was too complicated and had no approvals.
Dan the Man to the rescue! I shopped the loan with many lenders. Found the lowest rate, with the most experienced Loan Officer working with complex loans.
Final loan:
  • 2.75% rate, 2.758% APR 10/1 ARM
  • $2 million cash-out
  • No points
  • Saving $4,385 per month in interest versus current loan, even with $2 million in cash-out
  • Saving $52,620 per year for 10 years, or $526,000

Now that is a HUGE amount of savings and a great success story!

Recent rave review:

“I want to thank Dan Stone for the amazing placement and follow through he provided in helping my husband and me refi our home. Finding the right fit is crucial for transactions of any kind. I was apprehensive at first but after the first 24 hours it became apparent that Dan was not going to disappear after finding us the perfect Loan Officer and lender. My husband and I were stunned at the constant communication that Dan offered to make sure everything was moving along to our satisfaction. We highly recommend Dan and his firm to stay involved till the last signature or initial is in place and escrow is closed.”
-Donna Marie A.
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