Are you in the middle of a refinance with loan amount of $125,000+? Is your rate already locked? Here is how to save approximately .50% in fee on your loan.
Background: On Friday 7/16, FHFA (Federal Housing Finance Agency) eliminated the adverse market .50% fee on refinance loans being delivered to them 8/1/21 or after. Awesome! Most all lenders have been charging the fee for delivered loans beginning December 2020.
KICKER: Even though the fee has been eliminated by FHFA, some lenders continue to charge the fee! WHAT?
How to save .50% in fee: If the lender charged the fee and will be funding and delivering to FHFA (Fannie May or Freddie Mac) after 8/1/21, then you should request the lender remove the fee. Demand it. If they say no, threaten to go to another lender. Plus, rates are lower now than ever, so you could get a lower rate with another more ethical lender.
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