Are you looking to get a mortgage loan in the future? Do you want to fail or succeed when getting a loan?
Too many borrowers need to Wake Up, not GUESS at their mortgage credit score and know their actual score before applying for a loan.
Example: Carol and Brent were applying to purchase a home and thought their credit scores were 740+, only to find out their lowest middle score was 711. Although 711 is not bad, they needed a 720+ score to qualify for the loan program they wanted. If their score was 740+, they would have qualified for a better rate.
Solution: Here are detailed instructions of how to get the most accurate mortgage credit score for $19.95 per credit bureau.
  • Go to website
  • The basic service provides many credit scores, including one mortgage credit score for one bureau and credit report for $19.95
  • Or, purchase all three credit bureaus for $59.95
  • This doesn’t add any inquiries to your credit report or hurt your score
  • Request as often as desired

If your middle credit score is not high enough, work on increasing it. For 23 Insider Secrets of How to Raise Your Score for FREE, call me at 714-310-4162. Or, for recommendations on the best credit repair companies.

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