A friend of mine called to ask a simple question, which led to more questions. Ultimately, Steve was being offered a lower rate on his $1,000,000 loan. His lender, a BIG BANK, offered to lower it from 3.50% to 3% for free, just sign a few forms sent by FedEx. What?
Simple, right? Lower his rate and payment, save a ton of money.
Was this the best solution for Steve? NO NO NO!
Best solution:
  • Refinanced through Dan the Man, at 2.625%, no cost 30-year fixed rate, 2.625% APR 
  • Saving $204 per month
  • Saving $73,000 over 30 years
Don’t let the Big Banks screw you into thinking they are offering the best deal for you. They wanted to keep it simple for them, so they could continue to earn money from Steve.
Recent rave review:
“I am self-employed, and the second loan Dan Stone helped me secure was on a non-owner-occupied income property during a pandemic. This was a challenging task, especially since I wanted a market interest rate, cash-out, and not more than a 1/2 point in loan charges. Guess what? The loan funded and the rate is 2.875 with a 1/2 point in loan fees, just as I had dreamed. The fee I paid Dan ranks as one of the best investments I’ve ever made. Moreover, Dan monitored the process from start to finish so I was never in the dark and always at ease.” -Robert G.
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