Want to raise your credit scores?
George had been working for months to raise his credit scores on his own so he could purchase a home. But he was not seeing the best results. I connected him to a great quality and ethical credit repair expert.
Two solutions:
  • Option 1 – By paying down balances or the end of statement amount reported to the credit bureaus each month to reflect amounts of less than 20% of the limit, your utilization rate will be lower.
  • Option 2 – Call each credit card provider, ask them to increase your credit limits, thereby lowering your utilization rate. The higher the limit, the lower utilization rate.

It will reflect as soon as your balance is reported to the credit bureaus. The credit bureaus give the best scoring on lower balances with high limits and using 3-4 revolving accounts. Also, do not close any accounts with good payment histories.

Recent review on Facebook:
“I am amazed and grateful for my client for the effort Dan Stone did on her behalf!  The lender who had courted my client with pre-approvals for 6 months pulled the rug out from underneath her THE DAY BEFORE THE WALK THROUGH! In all aspects of performance, expertise, expediency, thoroughness, professionalism and follow-through, he is an all-star in his field!…And in record time! Thank you!!!” -Richard A.

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