Want to hear a great success story?
Kita applied for a mortgage at a big bank, WF, in January. They processed her loan for 3 months. Two days prior to the closing date, they declined the loan. WHAT??!!
This should never happen, but it does too often, because the Loan Officer (LO) wants to earn a commission at the borrowers’ expense.
Solution: This was a referral from another LO and lender friend of the realtor. I talked to Kita, gathered the info and contacted one of my best and most experienced loan officers to solve this loan scenario. He spent hours trying to find a solution. BOOM, FOUND IT. Kita and the LO connected, applied for the loan. The LO provided a pre-approval in hours. The LO worked through all the issues to fund the loan in 14 days, helping Kita save her earnest money deposit and the realtor closing the deal.
When you want the best loan options, at the lowest rates and fees, call me at 714-310-4162. I’ve researched over 500 lenders and Loan Officers to find the best solutions for the borrower and realtor.
Kita’s recent review on Google:
“Dan and his partners have done a PHENOMENAL job. The old saying of teamwork makes the dream work is putting it lightly. My realtor, Dan and partners have made the best team to pull my loan together and close 14 DAYS after my previous lender pullout 24 hours before closing. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DAN!! He is the Mortgage Man! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”