Are you considering buying a home from a builder and wondering if their recommended lender is good enough?
Below is the best option in the industry for 6-month rate lock info:
     • .50% upfront fee, rebated at loan closing
     • +.25% add to current rates for 180 rate lock
     • One float down option if rates go lower
Compare my recommended lender vs. the builder’s lender = saving $83,000 over 30 years. Client Mr. M is purchasing a $1 million home with 10% down payment and wants no PMI on $900,000 loan amount.
  • Builders’ lender – 3.625%, 3.749% APR, no PMI, $7,000 towards closing costs, impounds required
  • My lender – 3.125%, 3.243% APR, no PMI, $1,000 towards closing costs, no impounds

After searching through 500 lenders of all types, there are amazing loan programs available to help borrowers purchase homes much sooner than ever expected. Call Dan the Man for the best loan program options at the lowest rates and fees, 714-310-4162.

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-Daniel S.