Did you accept an SBA loan on your business, which is cross-collateralized on your home(s) and still want to refinance your mortgage to a lower rate or get cash-out? Have you been denied a loan?
Solution: Dan the Man found ONE lender approving these loans, both purchase and refinance.
When I research over 400 lenders of all types, it’s amazing the loan programs and rates available for borrowers to save money.
Recent review on Google:
“Dan Stone helped me get refinanced for my home when no other avenue was working for me. Through the entire process, he was available for any and all questions I had, and my process took nearly three months. When I could not get an answer from my lender, Dan was there to help facilitate and get me the information I needed. Dan truly was a great asset, and without him I could not have gotten my refinance completed. Thank you, so much, Dan the Man for Mortgages!” -Stephen T.
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