Rates have been rising steadily since 1/1/21, due to the expected improving economy. I believe rates will continue to rise.
Solution: Low rates are still available at the right lenders.
Example: George was going to refi with a lender, the best he found was 3.375% no points. Plus, Scott was feeling the heat because his wife was angry he had not completed the refi before rates increased. A friend from the local chamber of commerce recommended he call me. Success!!
  • $1.58 mil loan amount, 55% LTV, 780 FICO, single family, owner occupied
  • His lender, 3.375%, no points
  • My recommended lender 3.00%, 3.10% APR, no points
  • Savings $325/month vs his lender, or $3,900/year
George’s response to me, “Thank you for helping us save some moolah.”
Recent review on Google:
“I want to express my gratitude for your assistance in obtaining and completing my refinance. I am very pleased with the outcome in that I will be saving close to $500 per month in interest that I would have continued to pay the previous lender. This savings will allow us to have an extra $2,000 per month from the two rents that we receive on the duplex. I will be sharing the information with my son who owns two additional rental properties as well as any of my clients who ask about the refinance process.” -Frank F.
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