In the last 30 years, mortgage rates are near their lowest point in history. Are you still considering refinancing?
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In the last 30 years, mortgage rates are within the bottom 10% of all time. A good example is picking the best time to buy and sell stocks. If you can time any market to buy a stock at the bottom 10% of time and sell within the top 10% at the highs, you will beat 90% of all buyers and sellers. The same is true now. Although rates are not at their lowest point, mortgage rates are relatively low. If you have a mortgage loan at 3.50% or higher, you should still consider refinancing. The economy is starting to heat up. People are coming out of their homes. So, the economy does not need rates to be low to grow the economy.
Finding the lowest rate lender is still a challenge. Certain mortgage lenders have lower rates. I shop over 400 lenders of all types to find the BEST, call me at 714-310-4162.
Did you read last week’s Money Tip? After working 32 years in mortgage lending, I have some experience on how rates may move.
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“I want to express my gratitude for your assistance in obtaining and completing my refinance. I am very pleased with the outcome in that I will be saving close to $500 per month in interest that I would have continued to pay the previous lender. This savings will allow us to have an extra $2,000 per month from the two rents that we receive on the duplex. I will be sharing the information with my son who owns two additional rental properties as well as any of my clients who ask about the refinance process.” -Frank F.
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