Did you accept forbearance from your mortgage lender? Want to refinance now at these LOW rates to save a ton of money?
Most lenders say no, wait 6-12 months before considering it.
Dan the Man says YES, refinance after 3 months of deferred on-time payments. Loan options:
Cash-out rate and term refinance, high balance:
  • $822,375 loan amount max
  • 720 FICO min
  • 80% LTV max
  • 50% DTI max
  • May not be late on mortgage
Rate and term refinance, jumbo:
  • $1 million loan amount max
  • 720 min FICO
  • 90% LTV max
  • Rate today, 3%, 3.046% APR
  • May not be late on mortgage
Rate and term:
  • 620 FICO min
  • $679,650 max loan amount
Bonus: Paying off HELOC not considered cash-out
For the BEST loan programs at the LOWEST rates and fees, call Dan the Man at 714-310-4162.